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As a researcher your work is the engine of the NIHR: driving improvements to health and care in the UK for the benefit of all of us.

NIHR supports your work as a researcher at all levels: helping you set up and deliver high-quality clinical studies quickly and effectively, whether your project is funded by the NIHR through one of our programmes, research schools or units, the life sciences industry, or other funder. 

We also offer career development awards and training, and access to a vibrant research community of NIHR people working the NHS, universities and registered charities, and publication opportunities. 

Ways you can promote the NIHR

We have developed a set of resources to help everyone funded by, supported by or working directly for the NIHR to promote the work we do. You can find all resources at the link.

In addition, as a researcher there are some other small things you can do which collectively can make a big contribution in raising awareness of the NIHR:
  • Tell your trial participants the study is funded or supported by the NIHR
  • Link to NIHR from your project website 
  • Share NIHR news with your colleagues and associates
  • Put yourself forward as a blogger for the new NIHR blog (launching later in 2015)
  • Credit NIHR funding and support in your presentations and papers.
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