I am... a Senior Investigator

Each year we appoint some of the country’s most outstanding leaders of clinical and applied health and social care research as our Senior Investigators.
You are a focal point of the NIHR – where you work, in your professional networks, with your patients, with your research teams and collaborators.

We have created some resources for you. The resources are designed to help everyone funded by, supported by or working directly for the NIHR to promote the work we do. You can find those resources by clicking here.  

If you can think of anything else that would be useful, please let us know by using the contact form to the right. You can also use this form to tell us how you have been helping to celebrate and promote the NIHR.

Ways you can promote the NIHR

In addition to these resources, as a Senior Investigator there are some other small things you can do which collectively can make a big contribution in raising awareness of the NIHR:
  • Refer to being an NIHR Senior Investigator in your online and print profiles and biography
  • Link to NIHR from your project/professional websites
  • Share NIHR news with your colleagues and associates
  • Put yourself forward as a blogger for the new NIHR blog.
  • Write a story for the series My research inspiration.
  • Credit NIHR funding and support in your presentations and papers.

Get in touch...
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    Meet Senior Investigator... Irene Higginson

    'I am an NIHR Senior Investigator' stamp

    We have created a ‘stamp’ that you can use on your 
    slides, stationery and other print or online materials. The 'stamp' works in partnership with the NIHR logo, and can also be used where the logo is not used, to inform others that you are an NIHR Senior Investigator.