I am... an NIHR trainee

NIHR trainees are the researchers of the future. A highly educated health research workforce is a prerequisite for the nation’s capability to undertake and attract world-class health research.

As an NIHR trainee you have already demonstrated that you are committed to delivering research that will benefit patients and help us to improve the health of the nation.

From undergraduate level through to established investigators and research leaders, the NIHR supports you in your clinical academic career through training programmes and career development opportunities.

Ways you can promote the NIHR

We have developed a set of resources to help everyone funded by, supported by or working directly for the NIHR to promote the work we do. 
You can find those resources by clicking here.

In addition, as a trainee there are some other small things you can do which collectively can make a big contribution in raising awareness of the NIHR:
  • Wear your 'I am NIHR' badge - you can collect one from a number of NIHR locations and from NIHR trainee events
  • Tell your colleagues that you are funded or supported by the NIHR
  • Include your NIHR award title wherever possible 
  • Share NIHR news with your colleagues and associates
  • Let us know how you're getting on with your award on twitter via @NIHR_trainees
  • Support our campaigns

Get in touch...
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What does it mean to be an NIHR trainee?

Trainee information pack

You will find useful information to support you during your award in the Faculty section of the NIHR's website. The Trainee Information Pack page includes links to useful documents such as guidance for communicating your NIHR research and links to information about the Annual NIHR Trainee Meeting.

'Funded by' and 'Supported by' stamps

We have created two ‘stamps’ that you can use on your slides, stationery and other print materials. The 'stamp' works alongside the NIHR logo, and can also be used where the logo is not used, to inform others that you are funded by or supported by the NIHR. Find them here.

NIHR Webinar Channel

Each month, we host a webinar designed for current and aspiring trainees to help develop their future career. Previous topics include Patient and Public Involvement, Leadership and Social Media: bit.ly/NIHRwebinarchannel.