I am... an expert/advisory group member

Our community of peer reviewers and advisory group members ensure the practical relevance and 
scientific quality of NIHR research. Our advisory groups are composed of a wide range of experts, 
including public contributors and in their deliberations they draw on reviews from many other experts, 
including patients and carers.

Whatever your area of expertise, as a reviewer or advisory group member, you are making a real contribution to the NHS and public health by shaping research and improving practice. 

Don't forget that reviewing for NIHR can be used as evidence of continuing professional development, and if you are a consultant grade medical reviewer, peer review for NIHR is recognised in Clinical Excellence Award submissions.

Ways you can promote the NIHR

We have developed a set of resources to help everyone funded by, supported by or working directly 
for the NIHR to promote the work we do. You can find those resources by clicking here.

In addition, as a provider of expert opinion, whether through reviewing or board or panel membership, 
there are some other small things you can do which collectively can make a big contribution in raising 
awareness of the NIHR:
  • Tell colleagues and associates about reviewing or board and panel membership opportunities with the NIHR 
  • Share NIHR news and findings with your colleagues and associates
  • Put yourself forward as a blogger for the new NIHR blog (launching 2015)

Meet NIHR Panel member... Dr Greta Rait

Not yet a reviewer for NIHR?

We rely on independent reviewers to comment on the content of short briefing papers, proposals for research, and final reports of research findings. Find out about how you can get involved and help NIHR by clicking here.

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