I am... an NIHR spokesperson

NIHR Spokespeople are an expert group of individuals that have been media trained to support the NIHR News Team in raising awareness of the NIHR in the media.

They are made up of a varied group of people from across the NIHR, all experts in their field and all dedicated to spreading the word about the positive work of the NIHR.

Spokespeople activities may include providing quotes for press releases, taking part in interviews with journalists, radio and television appearances and writing NIHR blogs.

Spokesperson resources

The following resources will help you in your role:
If you have ideas for other resources which would be useful in your role as spokesperson, please email the news team at: newsteam@nihr.ac.uk.
News team contacts:

The NIHR news team consists of two named communications personnel from each NIHR coordinating centre. 

NIHR Corporate Engagement Manager, Hannah Stoneman, heads the team.

Coordinating Centre Primary ContactSecondary contact
 CRNCC Chelsea Drake Sharon Nall
Dissemination Centre
 Naomi Williams
 Steve Williams

 Sarah Fryett

Gary Hickey
 TCC Suzanne Nicholls Caroline Magee
 NOCRI Theo Bond Matt Hallsworth
 CCF Sarah Foxton Imelda Topping

The team is accessible via: newsteam@nihr.ac.uk 
and: 020 3328 6730

Hours of operation are 09:00-17:00 Monday-Friday and serviced by a rota.

In emergencies, contact hannah.stoneman@nihr.ac.uk

Media Coverage

The NIHR news team will share a regular news coverage export in this Media Coverage folder for your information.

Spokespeople Activity

Other resources

We have also developed a set of generic resources to help everyone funded by, supported by or working directly for the NIHR to promote the work we do. 
You can find those resources by clicking here.

There are some other small things you can do which collectively can make a big contribution in raising awareness of the NIHR:
  • Wear your 'I am NIHR' badge - you can collect one from a number of NIHR locations 
  • Tell your colleagues that you are funded or supported by the NIHR
  • Include your NIHR title wherever possible 
  • Share NIHR news with your colleagues and associates
  • Support NIHR campaigns