I am... working for the NIHR or based at an NIHR facility

You are the public face of the NIHR. A first port of call.

Many people who are part of the NIHR are providing the support and infrastructure the NHS needs for first-class research. Research nurses and administrative staff spanning a range of functions, such as programme management, information technology, finance, business development and communications are indispensable for the NIHR to fulfil its mission of increasing the health and wealth of the nation through research. They are based in a range of NIHR facilities or within the NIHR Clinical Research Networkmaking it possible for all patients and health professionals across England to participate in relevant clinical trials.

We also have researchers based in our research schoolsHealth Protection Research Unitsour Surgical Reconstruction and Microbiology Research Centre and Blood and Transplant Research Units.

Staff based in our Research Design Service across the country support health and social care researchers in making high-quality patient focused research proposals, for submission to the NIHR and other national, peer-reviewed competitions.

Other people who work for the NIHR manage our main work strands based in our Coordinating Centres or at INVOLVE so that we have patients and other members of the public involved, engaged and participating in health, public health and social care research.

Ways you can promote the NIHR

We have developed a set of resources and guidance to help everyone funded by, supported by or working directly for the NIHR to promote the work we do. The resources are available here.

In addition to these resources, as someone who is working for, or otherwise part of the NIHR, there are some other small things you can do which can collectively make a big contribution in raising awareness of the NIHR including:
  • Wearing your 'I am NIHR' badge when out at meetings and encouraging colleagues to do so.

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