I am...new to NIHR

Welcome to the NIHR. You’ve joined the research arm of the NHS! We are an organisation like no other, investing around one percent of the NHS budget in research to improve the health, and wealth, of the nation.

The NIHR is a large and complex system of facilities, networks and coordinating centres, which work together to research the questions which will make the greatest difference to the health and care of patients and families. 

We offer career development and project funding awards, all kinds of support for research delivery, and help get important findings into practice quickly.

There are many different roles involved but we are all One NIHR.  

Understanding the NIHR landscape

To help you understand the NIHR as a whole, and find the services which are most relevant to you, we have created a resource page which offers some key links and orientation material. 

We are continuing to develop support for people new to NIHR, so please email comments and suggestions for additional resources via the contact form to the right.

Welcome to the place that transforms research in the NHS.

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Dr Greta Rait, NIHR Panel Member 

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